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I remain dedicated to Carrie’s care

Carrie has provided me with Acupuncture care for many years. In the beginning Carrie provided treatments for overall balance. Over the years, Carrie treated me twice for compressed discs (C5-6), she truly helped to ease the pain and help me get back to life! Just over 3 years ago Carrie provided treatments for a horrible infection from mastectomies, I saw her several times throughout my cancer recovery and subsequent chemo treatments where she provided therapies to help me with pain and to recover from the toxic medicines. About 2 years ago my lower back went out, I could not stand straight and literally walked sideways, through Carrie’s therapy (Cupping) I recovered very quickly but best of all, I didn’t need to take pain relief/medications as Acupuncture was enough to help me recover. The very best about the services Carrie provides is she listens and then formulates a plan, she is honest and has a commitment of what her care will provide – she told me in three treatments you will walk straight again… and guess what! I Did!! The treatments for the infection helped to put me on a path to healing. I remain dedicated to Carrie’s care. ~ TK

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